Do I need to have my own website? – Do I need to have my own website?

Yes. This is me. 😀

On a regular day, I have to resolve multiple issues. Of course, most of them are technical issues because I’m a Software Engineer. In order to resolve those issues, I have to surf through multiple websites. Because from a single website, I only can resolve a part of my issue, or only I can get some guidance to find out the exact issue.

I have resolved thousands of issues throughout the past six years, which I think may happen to any developer who is working with Java, Spring, Oracle, MySql, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Gradle, and many other tools and technologies which are related to Java Enterprise applications.

Then I thought it will be better if I have share my solutions with the community. That would be helpful to others as well as for me: when I face a similar issue in future, I can refer those. Here it comes, why I need to have a website for me? If I have a domain, it is unique, it shows who I am and I have full control over my content. That’s why I created PRASADCT.COM. I can share my solutions, my findings and any other stuff that I want to share which I think someday those articles will help me or somebody to make their life easy by having the right solution to their day today developer problems.

I will continue to engage with other developer communities such as But this is my space which I own full control over what I share. So Why don’t I need my own website?

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