SOLID Software Design Principles

SOLID Software Design Principles helps to develop understandable, maintainable, and scalable software systems. Each letter of SOLID stands for one principle. The principles are a subset of many principles promoted by American software engineer and instructor Robert C. Martin Design Read more

OOP Design Patterns - All you need to know. -

OOP Design Patterns – All you need to know.

Designing software with reusable object-oriented components is a difficult task. As a designer coming up with a design from scratch for each and every problem you face is a nightmare. When designing a solution, first you need to solve the Read more

What is the difference between @Component, @Repository, @Service, and @Controller annotations in Spring?

@Repository, @Service, and @Controller are extended from @Component. Which means technically all are the same. But there are some differences in usages and functionalities. In this article, you will an understanding of @Component, @Repository, @Service, @Controller annotations What is the Read more